• The significance of the Bodhi Tree

    Bodhi tree is usually translated as Enlightenment Tree. Bodhi or ‘Enlightenment’ here refers to the Path-Fruition Knowledges, Omniscient Knowledge, Nibbana. We can say that Bodhi tree ‘is the tree under which the Buddha gained enlightenment’. Therefore the Bodhi Tree is a remembrance of the Buddha’s enlightenment. It is a symbol of the Enlightenment of the Buddha.

    The significance of the Bodhi Tree
  • Temporary ordination program

    There will be a program for temporary ordination as a Bhikkhu (monk) or Samanera (novice) or Sayalay (nun) beginning on August 18th. All participants, in addition to learning the monastic rules, will follow the meditation timetable. The program will end on August 26th. However those interested may request for extended stay to continue their meditation practice, depending on approval by the Bhantes.

    Temporary ordination program
  • Nandaka Vihara Building & Development Plan

    There has been a great increase in the number of devotees and visitors to Nandaka Vihara over the past few years, and the present facilities are no longer adequate to accommodate them. There is, therefore, an urgent need to expand and upgrade the present facilities and its surrounding.

    Nandaka Vihara Building & Development Plan
  • Ehipassika Sima Hall in Nandaka Vihara

    On January 2nd 2011, the new Sima grounds or area in Nandaka Vihara was officially sanctioned (by Sangha) as a Sima. The Sima Hall is an important place for the Sangha to carry out certain Sangha activities

    Ehipassika Sima Hall in Nandaka Vihara
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    2015卫塞节庆祝活动 (Wesak Celebration)

    法悦林将于卫塞节前夕(五月二日,星期六)举行礼讚菩提仪式庆祝活动.欢迎大家前來共沾法益. (礼讚菩提仪式是在菩提樹前供奉佛陀烛光、鮮花等及念誦)...

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    法悦林 2014雨安居禅修営 Vassa2014 Meditation Retreat

    2014雨安居由7月12日开始至10月8日结束。 Ukkansa尊者將于雨安居3个月期间,在法悦林指导禅修。欢迎您来到法悦林,在Ukkansa尊者指导下坐禅修行。 請親...

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    8-Day Meditation Retreat with Ven. U Mangala

    法悦林將于五月二十一日(周三)至五月二十八日(周三)举办共八天的禅修營。 禅修導師是吉祥尊者。 禅修營现在可以开始報名申请。由于名額有限...

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    Dhamma talk

    There will be a Dhamma talk by Ven Mangala in Nandaka Vihara on January 2oth at 8.30pm. All are welcome to attend....

  • 27

    Kathina Day Celebration 庆祝卡帝納日

    We rejoice to inform you that the Kathina Robe Offering day in Nandaka Vihara will be on October 27th 2013...


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    阿毗達摩 / Abhidhamma Manual and E-Book

    阿毗達摩概要精解修訂版+表解 下载 阿毗達摩概要精解修訂版 表解   Abhidhamma ebook download link Comprehensive Manual of Abhidhamma   Note: Adobe PDF...
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    2014雨安居禅修営 Vassa2014 Meditation Retreat

    2014雨安居由7月12日开始至10月8日结束。 Ukkansa尊者將于雨安居3个月期间,在法悦林指导禅修。欢迎您来到法悦林,在Ukkansa尊者指导下坐禅修行。 Venera...
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    Planting of the Sacred Bodhi Tree

    The planting of the Sacred Bodhi Tree sapling (from Anuradhapure, Sri Lanka) in Nandaka Vihara took place on May 26th Saturday morning. It was presided by Venerable Siriniwasa (the abbot of the Sri ...
Bhante Dhammasubho

Venerable DhammaSubho

https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10153467950832233.1073742135.116991447232&type=3 One of the comments from this posting is: Michael Khaw: Very inpiring! I hope we can emulate this example too! (and the reply): Nandaka Vihara: Yes, we do have the ‘platforms’ (ie opportunity) for local Buddhists to emulate the Myanmar dedication to service: At this moment there are a few helpers group by devotees in Nandaka Vihara. These are: 1. Sima & Kuti Meritorious Group:- This group looks after the cleaniness of the Sima Hall and its surrounding. 2. Dhamma Ratha Transport Merits Group:- This group of devotees offered to drive the Sangha to the places below when the need arise, such as: i. Immigration office in Prai or ii. Doctor's or clinic when not feeling well or iii. airport, bus station, train station etc. or iv. to house dana when the donor asked for help or v. etc NOTE: For this group, we need both male and female volunteers because the males will drive the monks and the female will drive the nuns (Sayalays) when the need arise. 3. Kathina Day Helpers Group This is the group of helpers on Kathina day. There are many different types of work need to be done on Kathina day such as kappiya for Sangha, books counter, cleaniness, etc 4. Wesak Day Helpers Group This group will be quite similar to Kathina Group; however, as some Kathina Day helpers will not be able to help on Wesak day, this event helpers is put separately. So, to all devotees who would like to help please leave your name and contact with the office. Please state which group you would like to help. NOTE: You can put your name for more than 1 group or all 4 groups. That means you can register your name for all 4 groups. Phone: 0175023031 Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu. 法悅林於现今有几个信众法工组。他们是: 1. 戒堂与孤邸功德组:- 现今这组负责照料戒堂与周遭的整洁。 2. Dhamma Ratha 法乘交通功德组:- 当有需要时,这组信众将提供载送僧众至以下的地方,例如:- i. 北赖移民厅 或 ii.当僧众生病时需去诊所 或 iii.机场,巴士车站,火车站等 或 iv.当布施者要求帮忙载送去施主家接受供养 或 v. 其他 备注: 对於这组,我們需要男性及女性自愿者因为当有需要时,男性将负责载送男性出家众及女性将负责载送女出家众(Sayalays)。 3. 卡帝那日法工组 这是卡帝那日的法工组。于卡帝那日有各种不同的工作需要完成如当僧众的净人,书摊,清理等。 4. 卫塞日法工组 这组与卡帝那组大约相似;但是,由於有些卡帝那日法工无法於卫塞日前來帮忙,这庆典的法工被另外安排。 所以,对全部有意帮忙的信众,请于办事处留下您的名字与通讯号码。请注明您想要参与的组。 备注: 您可以参与超过一个组或全部四个组。 (电话: 0175023031) 善哉! 善哉! 善哉! ...

On Sunday, more than 100 Myanmar helpers came to do voluntary services in the monastery. They have helped to clean the monastery from hill top to the river bank area. After having finished the work, they also listened to a Dhamma talk, followed by sharing of merits. We all rejoice in their meritorious deeds: Sadhu, Sadhu, Sadhu.

3 days ago

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