• The significance of the Bodhi Tree

    Bodhi tree is usually translated as Enlightenment Tree. Bodhi or ‘Enlightenment’ here refers to the Path-Fruition Knowledges, Omniscient Knowledge, Nibbana. We can say that Bodhi tree ‘is the tree under which the Buddha gained enlightenment’. Therefore the Bodhi Tree is a remembrance of the Buddha’s enlightenment. It is a symbol of the Enlightenment of the Buddha.

    The significance of the Bodhi Tree
  • Temporary ordination program

    There will be a program for temporary ordination as a Bhikkhu (monk) or Samanera (novice) or Sayalay (nun) beginning on August 18th. All participants, in addition to learning the monastic rules, will follow the meditation timetable. The program will end on August 26th. However those interested may request for extended stay to continue their meditation practice, depending on approval by the Bhantes.

    Temporary ordination program
  • Nandaka Vihara Building & Development Plan

    There has been a great increase in the number of devotees and visitors to Nandaka Vihara over the past few years, and the present facilities are no longer adequate to accommodate them. There is, therefore, an urgent need to expand and upgrade the present facilities and its surrounding.

    Nandaka Vihara Building & Development Plan
  • Ehipassika Sima Hall in Nandaka Vihara

    On January 2nd 2011, the new Sima grounds or area in Nandaka Vihara was officially sanctioned (by Sangha) as a Sima. The Sima Hall is an important place for the Sangha to carry out certain Sangha activities

    Ehipassika Sima Hall in Nandaka Vihara
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    2014雨安居禅修営 Vassa2014 Meditation Retreat

    2014雨安居由7月12日开始至10月8日结束。 Ukkansa尊者將于雨安居3个月期间,在法悦林指导禅修。欢迎您来到法悦林,在Ukkansa尊者指导下坐禅修行。 Venera...
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    Planting of the Sacred Bodhi Tree

    The planting of the Sacred Bodhi Tree sapling (from Anuradhapure, Sri Lanka) in Nandaka Vihara took place on May 26th Saturday morning. It was presided by Venerable Siriniwasa (the abbot of the Sri ...
Bhante Dhammasubho

Venerable DhammaSubho

Paṭṭhāna Chanting 念诵二十四缘 Marking the end of Vassa, a special chanting event, Paṭṭhāna Chanting, is being scheduled on 7th Oct (Tues) at 8:15pm. All are welcome to join and gain. 雨安居即將于十月八日(星期三)結束,十月七日(星期二), 晩上八点十五分, 有 念诵二十四缘 特別活動. 歡迎大家一起来共沾法益. The Benefits of Contemplating and Reciting Paṭṭhāna 思维与念诵二十四缘的利益 The contemplating and reciting Paṭṭhāna one could at any time attain the following benefits; 一个思维与念诵二十四缘的人随时可以得到以下的利益: 1. Overcoming all the dangers, anxieties, worries, and sufferings that he faces; 克服他面对的所有危险、焦虑、担忧、以及痛苦。 2. Escaping from all the dangers that befall on him; 脱离降临他身上的一切危险。 3. Accomplishing all the moral actions which are faultless and produce good results; 完成没有过错而且能带来好的果报的一切善行。 4. Refraining from committing all the immoral actions which are faulty and produce bad results; 远离有过错而且能带来不好的果报的一切不善行。 5. Accomplishing all good works that he is doing; 顺利完成他正在做的一切善事。 6. Realizing Nibbāna in his last existence. 在他最后一世证悟涅槃。 ...

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