• The significance of the Bodhi Tree

    Bodhi tree is usually translated as Enlightenment Tree. Bodhi or ‘Enlightenment’ here refers to the Path-Fruition Knowledges, Omniscient Knowledge, Nibbana. We can say that Bodhi tree ‘is the tree under which the Buddha gained enlightenment’. Therefore the Bodhi Tree is a remembrance of the Buddha’s enlightenment. It is a symbol of the Enlightenment of the Buddha.

    The significance of the Bodhi Tree
  • Temporary ordination program

    There will be a program for temporary ordination as a Bhikkhu (monk) or Samanera (novice) or Sayalay (nun) beginning on August 18th. All participants, in addition to learning the monastic rules, will follow the meditation timetable. The program will end on August 26th. However those interested may request for extended stay to continue their meditation practice, depending on approval by the Bhantes.

    Temporary ordination program
  • Nandaka Vihara Building & Development Plan

    There has been a great increase in the number of devotees and visitors to Nandaka Vihara over the past few years, and the present facilities are no longer adequate to accommodate them. There is, therefore, an urgent need to expand and upgrade the present facilities and its surrounding.

    Nandaka Vihara Building & Development Plan
  • Ehipassika Sima Hall in Nandaka Vihara

    On January 2nd 2011, the new Sima grounds or area in Nandaka Vihara was officially sanctioned (by Sangha) as a Sima. The Sima Hall is an important place for the Sangha to carry out certain Sangha activities

    Ehipassika Sima Hall in Nandaka Vihara
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    2014雨安居禅修営 Vassa2014 Meditation Retreat

    2014雨安居由7月12日开始至10月8日结束。 Ukkansa尊者將于雨安居3个月期间,在法悦林指导禅修。欢迎您来到法悦林,在Ukkansa尊者指导下坐禅修行。 Venera...
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    Planting of the Sacred Bodhi Tree

    The planting of the Sacred Bodhi Tree sapling (from Anuradhapure, Sri Lanka) in Nandaka Vihara took place on May 26th Saturday morning. It was presided by Venerable Siriniwasa (the abbot of the Sri ...
Bhante Dhammasubho

Venerable DhammaSubho

本周末活动 This weekend programs 24-1-2015 ・佛法系列講座及护卫経念诵Dhamma talk series and Paritta Chanting 佛法系列講座 Dhamma talk series 一月二十四日(星期六), 下午三点至五点, 在法悦林, 覓寂尊者主持 '佛陀与佛法' 系列講座 本周講座主題 1. 喬達摩佛與當來的彌勒佛略史 2. 略述十波羅蜜 24th Jan 2015 (Saturday), 3pm to 5pm, Dhamma talk series ‘Buddha and his teaching’ by Ven Santagavesaka This week topic 1. Brief history of Buddha Gotama and Future Buddha Metteyya 2. Brief explanation of The Ten Perfections 护卫経念诵 Paritta chanting 一月二十四日(星期六),晚上八时,法悦林僧团將继续举行护卫経念诵为新禅修大堂及女众宿舍建築工程顺利完成祈福,同时也为所有義工,信众祈福。 欢迎大家一起参加念诵祈福。 The Nandaka Vihara Sangha will hold Paritta chanting on 24th Jan (Saturday) at 8pm for the successful kick-off and completion of new Meditation Hall and Female Hostel & blessing for all supporters and devotees. So, everyone is welcomed to attend. 25-1-15 巴利诵经班 Pali Chanting Class by Ven Pasadika 巴利诵经班。Ven Pasadika教導。 星期日, 一月二十五日, 下午二点至下午四点三十分。 欢迎大家一起來轻松学习诵经。 準備一起参与华人新年七日念诵祈福会。 Pali Chanting Class by Ven Pasadika. Sunday, 25th Jan15, from 2:00pm to 4:30pm. In preparation for coming CNY 7-days Pali Chanting Event, all are welcomed to participate. ...

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