Ehipassika Sima Hall in Nandaka Vihara

On January 2nd 2011, the new Sima grounds or area in Nandaka Vihara was officially sanctioned (by Sangha) as a Sima . The Sangha present at the consecration ceremony were:

1 ) Most Venerable Pa Auk Sayadaw

2 ) Ven Thaton Sayadaw

3 ) Ven Lin Yaung Gyi Sayadaw

4 ) Ven Ku-may Sayadaw

5 ) Ven Sayadaw Vimala

6 ) Ven Jotika

7 ) Ven Aggacitta (SBS, Taiping)

8 ) Ven Mahayano (Balik Pulau)

9 ) Ven Kondanya

10 ) Ven Dhammasubho

11 ) Ven Agganya

12 ) Ven Candima

13 ) Ven Jinadatta

14 ) Ven Visuddhacara

15 ) Ven Khemasiri

16 ) Ven Upekkhananda

17 ) Ven Buddharakkhita

18 ) Ven Sujutiko


Shortly after that the building contractor started to build a Sima hall on it in early January (around January 8th). On May 17th 2012 (Wesak day) the new Sima hall (named Ehipassika Sima Hall by Venerable Pa Auk Sayadaw) was officially offered to the Sangha. The Most Venerable Pa Auk Sayadaw guided the devotees in the offering and sharing of merits.

The Sima Hall is an important place for the Sangha to carry out certain Sangha activities. Some of the Sangha activities that must be done within a Sima boundary are:

1 ) Higher ordination as a Bhikkhu

2 ) The once a fortnight chanting of the Patimokkha

3 )  Pavarana day, i.e. the last day of Vassa.


We rejoice in the merits of all those who make it possible to build Ehipassika Sima Hall. Sadhu, Sadhu, Sadhu.