Nandaka Vihara Building & Development Plan

Since its establishment in 2008, Nandaka Vihara has carried out various activities to propagate Buddhism such as conducting Dhamma talks and discussions, meditation retreats, novitiate programmes, the organizing of Wesak and Kathina celebrations and also providing free medical services. Many highly respected Buddhist monks, both local and from other countries, namely Nandaka Vihara spiritual advisors Pa Auk Sayadaw and Ariyadhamma Mahathera of Sri Lanka, have occasional visited and stayed at the monastery.

There has been a great increase in the number of devotees and visitors to Nandaka Vihara over the past few years, and the present facilities are no longer adequate to accommodate them. There is, therefore, an urgent need to expand and upgrade the present facilities and its surrounding.

The proposed building projects will comprise a 2-storey dana-cum-meditation hall, a 2-storey living quarter and a 2-storey amenities-cum-meditation hall for female devotees, an office, a kitchen and canteen, a free health clinic, an octagonal-shaped library, a Burmese-styled Stupa and amidst the green surrounding.

Nandaka Vihara’s mission is to provide a place conducive to the spreading of Dhamma and the practice of meditation that will benefit the present and future generations of monks, devotees and for all at large.

Please help make our vision a reality by your generous support to the building project. May your meritorious deeds bring you good health, wisdom and a long, happy life.

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